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Scarlett Deva 

MUSIC: Scarlett Deva works in Music & Medicine. She is a doctor in Natural Medicine and was born into family of musicians and healers. Her father, Imre Antaloczy was a Tenor Soloist, conductor and businessman. Her mother Eva Antaloczy, was a mezzo-soprano and poet.

Together they formed with Scarlett, The Antaloczy Trio performing in N. America from an international songbook and original repertoire. As a musician, Scarlett Deva is a Singer-Songwriter, Pianist, Arranger/ Composer, Conductor and Producer.  Reviews say: She is the best-kept secret in the music world!! Scarlett Deva is referred to as an inspirational Renaissance Woman! As an Artist-musician, Scarlett Deva is a versatile singer, pianist, songwriter, composer/arranger, producer, and performer. Scarlett Deva performs and writes in various genres and settings including jazz, big band, pop, musical theatre, and orchestra. Her multi-faceted original One Woman Show—which doesn't need a whole load of "Hollywood"  production has the wow X factor - even when she's playing solo at the piano. Scarlett has performed worldwide for standing ovations. She entertains and inspires in several languages and styles from jazz and pop to high opera with one-liners and monologues about current times, relationships, bouncing back, health, and prevention. Reviews have remarked that there is something for everyone—young and old - people from all walks of life. Scarlett's haunting voice has been featured on radio, TV, and several original CDs which she produced. Her virtuoso piano playing is exhilarating as are her original compositions. She was spotted performing her show in Los Angeles by the head of Ogilvy & Mather (Film/UK) who invited her as a composer-producer for adverts, including Ford and Eagle Star, to name but a few. Scarlett Deva continues creating and performing. As an MC and Host, Scarlett Deva has her own radio weekly radio show and is regularly invited to host and perform each year in a variety of shows including, A Scarlett Christmas, Valentine's Show, Summer and Winter Solstice etc.

NATURAL MEDICINE: Dr. Scarlett is the director of her Wellness Centre for more than 15 years OHMM CENTRE - ( Optimal Holistic Music and Medicine) and was the Natural Medicine Spokedoctot for Cable TV in Canada. She integrates Traditional Chinese, Natural, Herbal, Sound, Energy Medicine and Anti-aging. She has received the WONM Humanitarian Outreach award twice for her voluntary work abroad treating and teaching locals over the years. In 2021, she founded a Natural Medicine school called IMAI (

Feedback for her Practice, Seminars, School and Shows has been described as educational, transformational, mystical, uplifting and inspiring! 

SCARLETT DEVA: Music, Books, Shows and CD's ----


EP- SCARLETT DEVA - INSTRUMENTAL) Release date in May 2023

A SCARLETT CHRISTMAS (CD) original and favorites performed & produced by Scarlett Deva

SCARLETT WOMAN (CD) original material performed & produced by Scarlett Deva (AMAZON)

AMBIANCE FOR THE SOUL (CD) ambient original material performed & produced by Scarlett Deva


CHANTS - TO CALM THE MIND (Meditation, Yoga)

ROCK HEAVEN (musical) Performed in London's Covent Garden, (Composer/Producer(UK)

THE SIMPSONS - TV - (cartoon - There is no disgrace), Voice-over, Los Angeles

FREEDOM '56 (historical anthology) about the Hungarian Revolution, political tyranny & its aftermath 


BOUNCING BACK (self-help) #1 Best Seller which she co-authored with notable authors like the late Dr. Wayne Dyer (USA)

THE SINGING BOOK (Vol 1-3), Arranger/Composer) Meribeth Dayme and Cynthia Vaughn (NORTON)

TURNING POINT - Contributor and in association with TURNING POINT Health Conference 2020

EP- Smooth Jazz (Instrumentals)


Scarlett Deva continues to help and inspire with her music, shows, wellness and integrative medicine treatments, and as an educator in the fields of health and human potential. 

Scarlett Deva takes on Commissions to perform worldwide and is currently working on a new album! 


PROGRAM - Music & Medicine

HOST - Scarlett Deva

TUESDAYS CHHA 1610 AM  (Voces Latinas)  8-9PM Eastern / Streaming

(all inclusive, a variety of music - not your regular playlist)

(Indie, Jazz, Ambient, Pop, Rock, Favorites, Standards, Originals & Scarlett Deva Music


Scarlett Deva's song, In Da Couch  was in the Indie Euro Charts for 6 months, World Charts, Bandwagon Radio Network AND TOP 100 for 2019. AVAILABLE on SPOTIFY


Indie Pulse Music - Mindy McCall

Vents - Josh Corbin

MobAngeles - Michael Rand

Prosperi Press (LA)


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